Maniacs of Noise is a music production company (founded 1987 as the first video game music company in the world by Jeroen Tel and Charles Deenen). We are responsible for the soundtracks of hundreds of (award-winning) titles and franchises, worldwide.

We specialize in music composition/production, sound design, voice-over and audio direction for (online) video games, feature films (trailers, teasers), commercials, 3D animations, movie shorts, and VR projects. Titles we worked on include The Matrix®, Mr & Mrs Smith®, X-Men®, Walk the Line®, Mortal Kombat®, Bangkok Dangerous®, and EA Sports® games.

Explore our projects and watch/listen to our showreels to discover we're the right partner for you. We always keep one goal in mind: To give your customers the highest standard sound experience possible!

Maniacs of Noise is proud to have worked with many industry leaders over the past 3 decades.

Don't hesitate to contact us for additional information, demo-reels, or any other inquiries you may have. We guarantee the right audio solution for your projects.

Maniacs of Noise... Sound with a Vision!